Add a scoop of Gelato to any Dessert – $1.50

Chocolate Dome
Chocolate Dome | $12

Flourless chocolate sponge,
54% chocolate mousse, caramel brulee.
Finished w. a dark chocolate glacage & gold dust.

Passionfruit Meringue
Passionfruit Meringue | $12

Handmade short crust pastry
filled w. passionfruit curd
& finished off with a burnt meringue

Exotic Dome
Exotic Dome (GF) | $12

Pineapple, mandarine & passionfruit mousse
infused with lemon verbena
with a mango panna cotta &
coconut dacquise insert sits on an almond  base

Chocolate & Pistachio Slice
Chocolate & Pistachio Slice (GF)

Flourless chocolate sponge,
pistachio ganache, almond dacquise,
caramel curd & 54% chocolate mousse